About me

On my website you’ll find some miscellaneous thoughts about several issues related to my daily work, the internet, online- and mobile advertising, mobile payment, adserver and ad technologies, software & tools, agile project management, pc, console, mobile and browser games and furthermore some private stuff.

Michael Boecher in a nutshell:

  • Name: Boecher
  • Surname: Michael
  • Age: 41
  • Gender: male
  • Nationality: German
  • Familie state: married, 1 daughter
  • Hobbies: hiking, drawing, gaming (computer, console, board games) movies, music (guitar), do it yourself (DIY) enthusiast.

Currently employed:

360dialog GmbH

360dialog is a dynamic and expanding app marketing automation start-up based in the heart of Berlin. As a first-mover in the market, 360 help brands to (re)engage and convert their audience in order to maximize customer lifetime value and enhance the customer journey. 360 were chosen as experts in mobile solutions for major players (i.e. Axel Springer group, Telekom)


Former companies (see projects too):

  • Siemens (Frankfurt and everywhere in Germany) as Application Specialist for CTI and Call Center
  • Gamez.de AG (Wiesbaden) as Community Manager and Assistant of the board
  • Gameloft AG (Wiesbaden) as Sales Manager and Assistant of the board
  • Delta Interactive Boecher & Scheufeld GbR (Duisburg) as founder and CEO; Server4Clanz.de, lanorga.de 
  • KGN – Krawall Gaming Network GmbH (Frankfurt) as founder and CEO; Krawall.de, k-play.de, koins.de
  • Gizmondo Germany GmbH (Frankfurt, London) as Product Manager DACH, read the Gizmondo Story on Eurogamer
  • Wazap AG (Berlin) as Head of Business and Product Development
  • adscale GmbH (Munich, ChristChurch) as Head of Product Development
  • Payfriendz Ltd. (London, Buenos Aires) as Head of Product Development
  • 360dialog (Berlin, Catowice) as Head of Product Development and Integration

“In the past years I mainly worked for start-up companies. Building something from “the scratch” is what I like.”

Latest certificates:

CSPO - Cetrified Scrum Product Owner