Payfriendz – hell ¥€$!

Payfriendz - Forget Cash

What is Payfriendz? As written in my first post our mission is to convince people that „sending or requesting money“ via a their mobile phone can get an ordinary and easy task. It don’t has to be complicated. It can be easy as writing a text or a WhatsApp message. It should be.

With the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) the aim was to improve the efficiency of cross-border payments and turn the fragmented national markets for euro payments into a single domestic one. That’s at least a step forward for the EU and the whole business economy but also a pain in the ass if you – as a simple person – want to transfer a small amount of money back to your friends by a „tiny“ bank transaction. There is a joke…


Payfriendz – new job, new mission

I joined Payfriendz in July 2014 uppon request of my good old friend Andreas Ruehrig. He was asking me in December 2013 if I can help him to get Payfriendz on track. He want me to join the company as Head of Product Development… and so I did. My main goal is, he told me, to focus on the product itself and the organization of the processes around the developement department considering the needs of the business team.

… but leaving my job at adscale, a solid business for a insecure environment? Really? A new start-up challenge? Yes. Why not?

I believe in this idea

I was fascinated of the idea to create an app sending money in an easy and fast way to my buddies just by using my smartphone. To be honest… its not really a new aproach to do so. The opportunity to create something „valuable“ which can really ease people’s normal daily life and not being recognized as a “pain in the ass“ (e.g. online advertising) was another driver for me.

movies I’m looking forward to watch…

Movie ClapperboardSometimes you need a short break from your everyday life. Getting your brain away from the job and privat stuff, distract yourself with something different. For me movies are a good way to relax and release myself from everything else. No matter what… Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Comedy… you name it… but please, no drama! There are some movies in the pipeline I’m looking forward to watch in the cinemas …


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday Ruediger “Quisel” Klos challenged me via Facebook in the ALS Ice Bucket Challege… some viral campaign which is meanwhile very popular in the US and now spreading more and more into Europe. The goal of the campaign is to spotlight the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease with various causes. A description about the disease you can find on Wikipedia or at


Hiking in the Pongau region, Austria, Summer 2014

Hochkönig, Austria, Summer 2014This year my family and I went to the austrian alps to do several hikes in the Pongau region within our summer holidays.We were a kind of lucky because the weather was mostly ok in the first week of August. A bit rainy and cloudy but overall we had a great time.

I have uploaded some photos with some impressions. You will find the files in the new section “Hiking” – above in the menu. I might be able to post a bit more information about the area within the next days. If not – sorry in advance – got a couple of other urgent things to do.


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