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February 2014 – advertising market in Germany grows

Numbers & figuresAloud Nielsen the advertising market in Germany grows by 3.2% (gross) in the first to month of 2014 and sums up to 3.8 billion EUR. The winner is TV advertising (+6.8%), followed by Internet (+4.3%) and Mobile (+33%). Also advertising in magazines reached (surprisingly for me) a plus by 2.5%. On the downward slope are Newspapers (-2.5%), Radio (-0.8%) and Cinema (-8.8%).



Social networks 2014 – which social networks should I focus on?

There’s an interesting blog post by related to social networks: Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014? The post contains a lot of useful information, some numbers and a nice info graphic. You’ll might find your answer to the following question if you’ve read the article:

  • Which social networks should I focus on?
  • How much of my time and resources should I allocate to each one?

Social Networks 2014
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Report: Bot traffic reaches new spheres

Aloud the incapsula blog the bot traffic is meanwhile up to 61,5% of all website traffic. That’s remarkable. The article is missing the information of what methodology is used to collect the data and which websites are being considered for the report. The question is of how representative this analysis is, but anyway… its worth a read.

Bot Traffic Report 2013



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