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Take a look at the services I offer from small business to enterprise companies. If you have questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. In addition to my own services, I have a broad network of experts and specialists which may fit to your needs.





Do you need an external expert view on your project, product or processes? Do you need conceptual work on your business model or the product itself? Don’t hesitate to contact me. With my broad experience, knowledge and solution-oriented thinking I’m able to support you any way you need. Read more…


Consulting Services - Project Management - Boecher Consulting


 Project Management

Everyone has their own definition of Project Management, mine is simple – the outcome should meet the request and expectation. I’ll measure this on four key criteria. Scope, Time, Budget, Quality. Read more…


Consulting Services - Product Management - Boecher Consulting


 Product Management

After working with a numerous variety of people in the last 20 years, I have been trained to think like a developer, act like a salesman and maintain the ever-important customer viewpoint on your product. Read more …


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 Process Optimization

You think everything could be faster and leaner? There is a lack of quality and you felt selling “bugs” to the customer? You don’t know how to invent a new process involving different departments of your organization? Read more …

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