Project Management

Everyone has their own definition of Project Management, mine is simple – the outcome should meet the request and expectation.

I’ll measure this based on four key criteria: Scope, Time, Budget and Quality. In order to meet all four, a strict methodology is required. From project estimation to final testing. During our working relationship I will use all of these proven document templates, project gates and decision points to ensure your project is successful.

I am experienced with various delivery methodologies; from old school Waterfall to Scrum and Kanban agile methodologies. Furthermore I worked with derivatives of each and hybrid approaches too; sequential discovery and design phases with iterative build and test cycles. I will recommend an approach which suits the project, client and culture, or you may simply have a preferred approach.

You can engage me at any Program or Project level and I will help you navigate the complexities of the project delivery process. My key project management mantra is ‘transparency and clear communication’ to manage the expectations of every party involved. From the first stakeholder engagement to final delivery acceptance, transparent communication is maintained, so expectations will be managed and key decisions can be made well in advance of risks converting issues.


Project types

I have managed a numerous projects over the last 20 years – from small business to big enterprise – with a broad range of specialized fields.


  • Software development projects: SaaS Platforms, AdExchange, AdServer, DSP, SSP, Product Retargeting, Publishing Websites, Bonus Systems, Search Engine, ID Management, App Marketing Automation (Mobile CRM), Mobile App and SDK Development (Android/iOS/Windows), Video Syndication Platform, eCommerce Shops, and more…
  • Software and Hardware Integration projects: any kind of Software, Hardware and Online (Cloud) Services or essential Business applications. E excerpt: Microsoft Office 365 (Business & Enterprise), Google Apps, Atlassin Jira, Atlassin Confluence, ZenDesk, Microsoft Navision, SAP Business ONE, Telecommunication Software/Systems/CTI and any kind of 3rd Party system.
  • Software Migration projects: Migration of Mailserver – Systems (e.g. from own Exchange to Cloud Services), Intranet Applications (e.g. Knowledge base) migrations, move from bare metal to the cloud, company wide software harmonization and streamline of the internal IT landscape.
  • Business unit setup or interims management: product management, 1st and 2nd level support, integration teams or software development.
  • Others: You need something else… let me know. When I’m not able to help you, I surely know someone who can.


I help you to avoid this well known scenario…

The famous swing project


The choice of weapon is not important. It’s about how you use it. Software can support in a project or create sink hole for your money. (delete:Furthermore) It is more important to get the essentials: What do you want to achieve? What’s the goal? Every project needs a “goal” and some clear verbalized milestones and processes. To achieve these goals or milestones there are a couple of methodologies and techniques you can use before, during, after release and shipment of the project.  It really depends on the purpose. Just name it.

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