Some days ago AdScale has officially announced a new, eye-catching advert type on AdScale: the Video Interstitial Ad. The interstitial ad is a form of banner advertising, which is requested before or in between a Webpage is loaded. Even before the actual landing page appears, the interstitial ad is shown as one of the largest ad formats which covers the browser window completely.

Since not need to be placed on a website or specially must be adapted to it, the interstitial ad show itselve to the user unparalleled and exclusive, like the so-called commercial breaks on TV. Therewith the advertiser is able to carry his emotional advertising message, up to a maximum length of 30 seconds, to a huge additional audience which is accessable via the AdScale marketplace. With the interstitial ad we are supplementing our portfolio to one of the most popular and fastest growing formats in the online advertising and enable the rapid development of net coverage and the optimization of contact classes. A general website frequency capping controls the frequency of how often an Interstitial Ad will be shown to a user across all websites within the marketplace. By this so-called contact class optimization a high level of interest for the brand communication is given, without the user feel disturbed by too frequent displaying of a video advertising. The process also allows an accurate controlling of the campaigns net reach.

The video interstitial ad, we now have included in our portfolio for advertisers and for publishers, is a very attractive and high quality advertising format. At least – its another step in the right direction. There are surely some things we can and we want improve. So… stay tuned.