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Ten personal impressions: a look back at the DMEXCO 2013 in cologne

The DMEXCO, the digital marketing exposition and confernce or as Ad Age said “the biggest digital media conference you’ve probably never heard of” is over. Thank goodness. I’m not really a fan of these huge (trade) fairs, but even if I didn’t like these mass meetings the DMEXCO is a highlight for me. I spent, as it was over  the last five years, the whole two days in cologne and – as written everywhere – it was a great and it was a huge fair. A exhibition area of 57.000 squaremeter this year in comparision with 2009, where it was only 26.000, is an amazing growth. More than 720 exhibitors and, if we can believe in the offical numbers, more than 26.300 visitors from more than 80 different countries.

Here are ten of my personal DMEXCO impressions. It is not sorted, just a rough list of things I’ve recognized…

My first DMEXCO 2013 impression: The DMEXCO is getting more and more international. Nine of ten of my talks were held in english language. I met guys from most of the European countries, Brazil, Argetina, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Russia, China and naturally from the US. So the DMEXCO seemts to be more and more an relevant, international event for the online advertising industry. That’s great.

Second impression: Where the heck is…? Honestly I had my problems to find the booth of some companies I want to take a look at the DMEXCO exhibition. Don’t get me wrong. The DMEXCO 2013 mobile app (iPhone) was great and even better than any version before, but here and there it was hard to detect the “booth number” especially if it was a small one.

I’ve had the name, I had the booth and the hall number, but sometimes it was really tricky to find them in the “crowd”. For exampel: I was going to visit the guys from mov.ad and passed their booth two times till I recognized that they are on a shared booth with the guys from Adition. Maybe it was my fault and I should inform myself a bit better in advance, but that was a bit annoying. If you only have some minutes to meet people and your schedule is tight – every second counts. 🙂

Third impression: Hall 8 felt sometimes a bit over crowded. Hall 6 was a gaping void.


my short dmexco 2009 recap

Here’s a short personal recap of the digital marketing exposition & conference fair, short dmexco, which has been celebrated the last two days (23th and 24th September 2009) in cologne, germany.

#1: My personal feeling during the fair was, that there were less people at the dmexco as last year at the OMD in Duesseldorf – and so it was.

#2: The business dates were really great and interesting. I met a lot of high potential people and had a lot of interesting discussions and talks.

#3: Meeting all these people in person, which I have contacted already over the last months, was amazing (people from partners, customers or ad technology companies). For socializing and to intensify the personal contact it was a really, really great event.

#4: The seminars and debates were well visited. Please @dmexco add some more chairs next time. Mostly I left a room, if I had a chance to come in, because of missing seats. Beeing unseated isn’t comfortable if you pace up and down the whole day across the halls and should listen to a seminar which will take about an hour. =)

#5: Where was Google?! I only had seen a YouTube presence in hall 8, near by ADTECH.

#6: … and also: where was DoubleClick?! Due to the release of the DC Ad exchange their was surely a reason to get in contact and take a deeper look at their system.

#7: By the way… as I mentioned via twitter yesterday. I didn’t see any innovative, rocket sience, kick’in ass application. Do you?!

#8: Major technologies issues: all was about targeting, video and mobile advertisment.

#9: From my point of view, and with all other information I collect over the dmexco, the Mobile advertisement is currently over-hyped and over-rated. I think its maybe senseful in a marketing mix but at this time… I dunno if its really “the next big thing”. Heard there are a lot of technical issues / problems too…

#10: All in all it was a great fair and, as far as I can say, it was a huge success for AdScale. Official numbers for the dmexco: 14.200 visitor, 290 exhibiting companies (10% from foreign countries)

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Greets to the guys and girls from ADTECH, newtention, ADITION, eyeblaster, eyewonder, Mediaplex, Smart Adserver, e-mediate and all the others! Was really good talking to you.

The next dmexco will be from 15th to 16th September 2010. See ‘ya there! Now I get back to answer my full inbox and the dozens of xing/linked in queries.