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February 2014 – advertising market in Germany grows

Numbers & figuresAloud Nielsen the advertising market in Germany grows by 3.2% (gross) in the first to month of 2014 and sums up to 3.8 billion EUR. The winner is TV advertising (+6.8%), followed by Internet (+4.3%) and Mobile (+33%). Also advertising in magazines reached (surprisingly for me) a plus by 2.5%. On the downward slope are Newspapers (-2.5%), Radio (-0.8%) and Cinema (-8.8%).

Source: nielsen.com


The growth of adscale

Since August 2008 AdScale is officially measured by comScore. Every month we have renewed the actual comScore numbers on the AdScale website. If you put the historical data in a graph the development of AdScale looks really awesome. I’m sure this will be not the limit. If I’ve some time within the next days I’ll write a short recap of the year 2010 that is about to draw to a close. You can be sure that we’ll have some really nice things on the development roadmap for 2011, but I’ll don’t give anything away for now!


AdScale is still growing

The new and official comScore figures are available and – again – AdScale grows. In August 2009 the german online marketplace was measured by comScore with more than 5 billion page impressions (+22%, July 2009: 4.1 billion) and impressive 26 million unique visitors (+12%, July 2009: 23.2 million). This number of visitors is equivalent to more than 60% (+5,3%, July 2009: 54,8%) of the german internet users.

That’s really, really fantastic! Thanks to all out there which are using our marketplace. We’re really working hard to improve the system and the web client to satisfy your needs and increasing your business, equal if your a advertiser or a publisher. So stay tuned for the next enhancements.

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